Thursday, October 05, 2006

A good blog for once

The following is an assignment for my writing class. It's the first assignment we've gotten, and it's being used to basically find out where we (the students) are at in regards to writing level. It's an obituary. Enjoy!

Cameron Christian Hermens

A funeral will be at 1:30p.m. Saturday, January 14, 2011, at Cape Lookout campground, in honor of the annual family camping trip started back in 2002. Cameron was involved in a freak bicycle accident involving three totaled cars and a cement truck, dying at the untimely age of 24.

Cameron lived a life full of potential, aspiring to become good at many different things. Alas, he often started things without finishing them, quickly moving on to other interests. Despite the doubt of those around him, the possibility of obsessive compulsive disorder was ruled out after several tests found nothing. He founded his own comic book store when we was a young boy, then discovered Graphic Design when he was 11 years old. After that, he could regularly be seen drawing, painting, or glued to the computer screen.

Although Cameron struggled throughout high school – attributed to his lack of motivation rather than the lack of ability – he had a much different outlook while in college. He graduated from PSU after attending PCC for a year and doing quite well in all of his classes, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Graphic Design. From this point on, Cameron was able to attain a level of organization and self-management that paid off greatly in the end, netting him a job as head of the Art Department at Adidas in Portland, Oregon, his hometown and birthplace.

From there, he explored several interests of his, including: graphic/web design, music production, and a constantly-evolving, community-driven website, all of which he was quite successful with, both theoretically and personally. Overall, he was quite content with his life, from all standpoints. It was what he aspired for from the very beginning.

, what do you think? All comments appreciated...